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Pro Track and Tennis is your source for high quality running track surfaces that provide excellent shock absorption and durability.


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Tennis Courts

Looking to build some courts or freshen up the ones you have? Look no further than Pro Track and Tennis. We offer the finest products to keep your courts looking great for many years to come!

Crack Repair

Are your sports surfaces showing off unsightly and dangerous cracks? Pro Track and Tennis is a proud installer of the Armor Crack Repair System which is the best crack repair system on the market! Check out our portfolio of work to see the amazing results for yourself.


  • Pro Track and Tennis was integral in the new construction of our tennis courts and our addition of an indoor running track.  They have also provided maintenance...

    Jewish Community Center
  • Pro Track and Tennis came out and fixed the mess that another company left behind.  I am very pleased with their work and it gives me great pleasure to...

    Sutherland Schools
  • Pro Track and Tennis has done excellent work in renovating our tennis courts.  I have received a multitude of compliments from our membership as well...

    Shadow Ridge Country Club
  • The work that Pro Track and Tennis has done for us has been outstanding.  The Armor Crack Repair System was applied meticulously and the resurfacing looks...

    Otter Creek Racquet Club
  • Their work has always been of top quality, performed in accordance with all specifications, within budget and, most importantly, completed on schedule. ...

    Triad Community Schools
  • The City of North Platte is impressed with the work Pro Track and Tennis has and is putting forth to successfully help us as a community.  They are confident,...

    City of North Platte
  • Pro Track and Tennis did an exceptional job on our tennis courts.  We had some very big cracks and now you can’t even tell they were there.  I...

    City of Freeman
  • The work completed by Pro Track and Tennis provided DC West with a track that exceeded our expectations.  We are confident that we have one of the best...

    DC West Schools
  • I could not have been more pleased with Pro Track and Tennis’ approach and work ethic on this project.  Our four courts were severely cracked and...

    Iola USD 257
  • The staff is very professional and does a great job of communicating.  We had multiple emails, phone call updates and check-ins before, during and after...

    York Public Schools

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