Alton Community Unit School District #11

October 14, 2005


Please consider this a letter of recommendation for Lance Laurent and his company, Pro Track & Tennis.

Lance and his crew recently completed a structural spray resurfacing and striping of our existing running track, runway, and high jump pad.

We solicited bids and only Lance and one other company actually visited the track to prior to submitting a bid. Three bids were given without anyone visiting the track.

Prior to the bids, Lance walked the entire track with me and explained how he would resurface our track and what he needed us to do prior to any work being done. He assured me he would also be on site the entire time of the spraying and doing the actual work.

During the resurfacing, Lance was the person who did the actual spraying and was on site from start to finish.

We are very pleased with the new track surface.

I feel we received a quality job at a very affordable price. I would highly recommend Lance Laurent and Pro Track & Tennis to anyone needing this type of service.