Armor Crack Repair System for Tennis Courts

By successfully completing our On-Site Training Program for Armor Crack Repair System for Tennis Courts, Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. has earned the distinction of Certified Installer.

May 3, 2005

Lincoln Racquet Club

Dear Lance

It was brought to my attention last week that you have formed your own company for building and resurfacing tennis courts.

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Ness City Schools

April 2,2005

Dear Madam/Sir,
Lance Laurent has been involved with providing service to me in two different school situations. In both instances, I have found him reliable and an individual of high integrity.

The first project involved repair of our track, at Lyons High School, which had been in service for approximately 19 years. He provided us with suggestions to ‘fix’ the track as we had limited resources. Then he carried out the specifications, which made the facility usable. My role during this time was as high school principal.

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Lyons High School

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Lance Laurent and his new company, Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. While Lance was the owner of A-l Track and Tennis, his company performed several jobs for Lyons High School, including resurfacing our tennis courts several times and installing a Plexitrac Lightning rubberized surface on our track.

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Arkansas County I.S.D.

To Whom It May Concern;

I have had the pleasure of working with Lance Laurent over the past four years when I was an Assistant Athletic Director for the school district. We have worked jointly on more than four different projects from tennis court resurfacing to resurfacing all weather track. I can say with out doubt that Mr. Laurent has provided the most outstanding service. He has stood by the warranties that his company has provided with the product installed. He has even backed away from a job that cost his company money so our investment would be done correctly, and with in our budget agreement price.

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Jewish Community Center of Omaha

To whom it may concern:

I have been doing business with Lance for the past 18 years.

Our facilities were well designed, look sharp and are weil maintained thanks to Lance.

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Backyard Tennis Court

Dear Lance,

My tennis court was 18 years old with cracks that made it nearly unplayable and was inaccessible for heavy equipment. The cracks had been filled and the surface painted the prior year by a local man who made the problem even worse. After a lengthy search for a solution someone suggested I contact you.


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