USD #112 Central Plains

Dear Lance and Dustin,

I wanted to personally thank you for all of support and professionalism both you and your company Pro Track and Tennis provided USD 112 Central Plains on the resurfing of our tennis courts.  As you know, before I was superintendent, our district used another company to resurface one tennis court.  This project did not go well.  I was happy to recommend Pro Track and Tennis to the Board of Education for the resurface job at our three high school courts in Claflin.  I was not disappointed!  Your team came in and did a professional job and the courts look outstanding.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Cimarron-Ensign Unified School District #102

April 4, 2016

Track Resurfacing

To whom it may concern.

USD 102 Cimarron-Ensign hired Pro Track and Tennis to resurface our tennis courts and running track in different years. In both projects, the communication, service and products were of the highest quality. The site supervisor, Angel, checked with our people many times to be sure everything was done correctly. He went above and beyond by re-measuring every line around the track. This project was completed over Spring Break, which created a situation that Angel had to communicate with several USD 102 people. He did it flawlessly. Read more

New Boston ISD

March 4, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Professional Track & Tennis.  In late winter of 2016, New Boston ISD hired this company to refinish the High School tennis courts.  They were responsible to power wash, prime, and recoat the tennis court.  Thanks to their hard work, they exceeded our expectations and were very pleased with the finished product.  While they were here they showed a high level of professionalism and upmost respect to all around them.  They are pleasant to work around and committed to doing a good job.


I am happy to recommend Professinal Track and Tennis!

Crookston Public Schools

To Whom It May Concern,

In the spring of 2015, I began the process of getting our eight tennis courts resealed.  Because our tennis courts are nine years old, the paint was chipping and there was black slime where water was pooling during rain events.

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City of Farmington

January 22, 2015

Dear Lance,

It has been a pleasure to do business with your company on the coloring coating system for our new tennis courts.  From the expertise provided in the information and bidding process to the final product, everything was handled in a very professional manner.  We know the devil is in the details, no steps were missed or shortcuts taken, Angel and the crew members were very deliberate in taking great pains to insure all details of the installation were thourough and complete.  Communication from all involved kept our confidence very high as we worked through Nature’s obstacles.

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Kingman High School

January 24, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. We have been veiy pleased with the overall service that Mr. Laurent and his company have provided for our district. Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. met and/or exceeded the overall project specificatioiffeon our track and tennis courts.

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Piggott Parks and Recreation

Dear Mr. Laurent
I wanted to thank you for an excellent job on the tennis court resurfacing project. The crew was very helpful and polite, they went out of their way to hurry the project along. They also gave us some maintenance tips to help us keep our courts from discoloring in the future.

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Iowa Orthodontic Solutions

Back in 2006 my family decided to build a tennis court in our back yard. After evaluating several tennis court surfaces we decided on a system with interlocking plastic square tiles. Over the next 4 years we found that the appearance, durability and play action was not what we were looking for in a tennis court system. So we started looking around for a tennis court resurfacing company. The tennis company name that kept coming up in our search and recommendations from others was Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. After contacting this company we were very pleased with the timely reply, and what they had to say about the possibility of resurfacing our tennis court.

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City Of Branson

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to provide a reference to Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. for their outstanding work concerning the City of Branson’s tennis courts. During the past year, our staff has worked directly wiih Lance Laurent who listened to our concerns and made recommendations that best suited our budget. His company offered good quality, service and more importantly quick response to our needs. Across the board, we are pleased with their work.

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City of North Platte

Gentlemen and Ladies:

We’ve had the pleasure to work in partnership with the Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. Our goal was to eliminate severe cracks in our 8 court tennis facility with out hefty expenditures. The City of North Platte is impressed with the work Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. has and is putting forth to successfully help us as a community. They are confident, knowledgeable, and yet hard-working when it comes to refurbishing tennis court surfaces. Lance and his staff have been ex tremely cordial and willing to listen when it came to questions and apprehen sion about their “Armor” crack repair system.

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