City of Freeman

It is a pleasure on behalf of the City of Freeman, SD to submit a letter of reference for Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. Pro Track and Tennis repaired our public tennis courts in Freeman, SD. with a completion date of September 1,2010. They did an exceptional job with the courts. We had some big cracks on our courts and you can’t see them since their work. Prior to their work, I visited nearby communities where they resurfaced their tennis courts. I was impressed with their work. They give you information and answer all your questions prior to you making a decision.

I was very impressed with their workers who done our project. They worked on the project until completion. They gave you daily updates on the work. When they were finished they advised us on proper maintenance and taking care of the courts and nets.

I have received praise from the public who now uses the resurfaced tennis courts. They tell me the tennis play is superb and like the courts!

If you need additional information or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (605) 925-7127.  Thanking you in advance.