Crookston Public Schools

To Whom It May Concern,

In the spring of 2015, I began the process of getting our eight tennis courts resealed.  Because our tennis courts are nine years old, the paint was chipping and there was black slime where water was pooling during rain events.

I looked around for different companies that work on tennis courts and found three that I made calls to, in order to get the process started.  Of the three, one was Pro Track and Tennis, Inc.; the other two were “local” companies.  After making contact with the companies, one of them wanted me to send photos of our courts, so I did that.  The other two actually send a person to look at our courts.  Dillon walked our courts and talked me through the process during his time in Crookston.  After I received quotes from the three companies, it was evident that I would not be able to shop “local.”  I could not afford to do that, and that is how I ended up choosing Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. to reseal our tennis courts.  Not only were they more cost effective then the other two companies, their warranty was much better than the other companies.

As I was impatiently waiting for work to begin, Dillon kept me informed on where his crew was and when I might expect to see them begin work.  By email, or phone, he made sure I was in the know, and I appreciated that.

When the Pro Track crew arrived, they did not waste any time, and within a couple of weeks, our courts looked like they were brand new.  The crew was very professional and did not mind me checking up in their work.  They also took the time to answer any questions that I posed to them.  Throughout the work on the courts, the crew was very neat and clean and took the time to clean up the area each day.  The day they finished and left, there was not a scrap of any debris to be seen anywhere.  I was very impressed with that, and the courts were totally awesome-looking.

I would highly recommend Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. to anyone looking to repair tennis courts.  If you have any questions about Pro Track and Tennis, Inc., please feel free to contact me for more information.