Douglas County West Community Schools

January 3,2011

I have had the opportunity to work with Lance Laurent from Pro Track and Tennis of Bennington, Nebraska and I am providing this letter of support.

As a relatively new superintendent I came to DC West as a “rookie” with a background as a human resources administrator. While I knew that the track at DC West was in disrepair, I had little personal knowledge about the steps necessary to evaluate alternatives in repairing or replacing the track.

With limited funding available, the Board made a determination to at least provide a safe practice facility for the district’s track athletes. I made contact with Mr. Laurent and explained what the Board was trying to accomplish. Mr. Laurent provided expert advice regarding the pros and cons of various alternatives. He was also instrumental in assisting me in developing an RFP that was appropriate for multiple bidders.

As a result of his support, I was confident that I was presenting appropriate alternatives to the Board and as a result of the bidding process, the Board made the decision to select Pro Track and Tennis to complete the work. Immediately after the bid was approved, Mr. Laurent began work to complete the track as quickly as possible. Throughout the process Mr. Laurent was on site monitoring the work of subcontractors who were applying asphalt. He also monitored the work of his employees and kept me updated with the progress every step of the way.

The work completed by Pro Track and Tennis provided DC West with a track that exceeded our expectations. We are confident that we have one of the best tracks in the area and in our conference. We plan to go beyond using the track as a practice facility and will be using the track for meets.

Please accept this letter as my introduction and support for the work completed by Pro Track and Tennis. If I can provide additional information or answer specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.