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Back in 2006 my family decided to build a tennis court in our back yard. After evaluating several tennis court surfaces we decided on a system with interlocking plastic square tiles. Over the next 4 years we found that the appearance, durability and play action was not what we were looking for in a tennis court system. So we started looking around for a tennis court resurfacing company. The tennis company name that kept coming up in our search and recommendations from others was Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. After contacting this company we were very pleased with the timely reply, and what they had to say about the possibility of resurfacing our tennis court.

Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. came in with 3 options for creating a tennis surface for our needs. We decided on their option which consisted of removing the existing interlocking plastic system, thoroughly cleaning the underlying concrete surface, and applying an Armor Crack Repair System in potential areas of future concerns of cracking. Following this preparation, placement of 2 inches of sport surface asphalt was applied. A week or so following this, Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. used high quality tennis court surface paint to give our court surface the appearance of a tennis court.

Overall, the experience was flawless. In 3 seasons of use, we have been very pleased with the way the surface plays, the durability and the overall look of our tennis court system. Generally, we were extremely pleased with the professionalism and concerns that Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. expressed towards our needs to create a better looking and playing tennis court system. We have been very happy with our decision to use Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. They really know what they are doing and we would highly recommend their services to anyone.