Ness City Schools

April 2,2005

Dear Madam/Sir,
Lance Laurent has been involved with providing service to me in two different school situations. In both instances, I have found him reliable and an individual of high integrity.

The first project involved repair of our track, at Lyons High School, which had been in service for approximately 19 years. He provided us with suggestions to ‘fix’ the track as we had limited resources. Then he carried out the specifications, which made the facility usable. My role during this time was as high school principal.

Secondly, as Supt. of Schools in Ness City, Kansas, we were in need of a complete redo of a track that, in feet, was very dangerous for people to use. Mr. Laurent served as the contractor for the entire project. The base work was totally renovated, an asphalt layer placed over the base. Finally, a top layer of shredded rubber and latex was added. During all phases of this project, Lance was available to supervise the work. Mr. Laurent also was invited to repair our tennis courts.

Mr. Laurent has provided the constituents of Ness City with a track, which has not only been used by the children, but has also become a facility used extensively by the community. We have been pleased with the durability of the unit. All elements of the project were provided us in a satisfactory manner.

Personally, I have also found Lance to be of high character and an individual who is trustworthy. Any detail, which needed to be completed, was done in a most professional manner. The suggestions, which he gave us, yielded insights to provide the community a highly functional facility. I respect that he answered our questions in a manner, which was very helpful.

It is possible to get quality for a reasonable cost figure. In checking other references, we found that he will be competitive in price as well as providing a quality product.

If I were associated with another project, which required expertise in the area of running or playing surfeces, I definitely would visit with Mr. Laurent. He did an excellent job for the school districts in which I served.

I, therefore, recommend Mr. Laurent for projects of this type without reservation.