Ponca Community Sports Complex

Dear Lance,

In March, 2012, Ponca Community Sports Complex hired Pro Track and Tennis, Inc. to install a new (Red Polyurethane Base Matt and Structural Spray) track surface for our towns’ Sports Complex. Your company won the bid over 4 others, because of your history, location, cost and personality. The process was long, due to our committee being made up of all volunteers, but once we agreed and worked through our internal goals…. Your company was the clear choice for our new track!

Our project was unique in that we installed a concrete base for the polyurethane surface. Most bases in our area of the country are asphalt. You and your company were more than accommodating in the application your product over this concrete base.

Next challenge was working through the time line of the installation. We had requested a late-March, early-June installation. Once your company was freed up from other commitments, the July delivery, preparation and installation of the new track was very efficient. Our lead engineer identified one area of the track installation below quality and your personnel removed and reinstalled that section without a hitch. Even weeks after acceptance, when a minor painting area of our team name was found to have backward letters, you personally came out and fixed the logo, and the repair is un-noticeable!

Our first track meet is scheduled for this spring (2013) and the whole community of Ponca is looking forward to the event on the new track! They are not the only interested people of our project; the whole track and field community is keeping tabs on the longevity of your product over concrete. This test of time is yet to be seen… but all indications are pointing toward a very successful track installation, and years of use on this excellent product!

Lastly I would like to commend your personnel. You and your staff of professionals were great to work with! Jennifer Weikel, your general manager, was especially easy to work with and timely in all communications. Thanks again for your personal touch in this great undertaking! If anyone would like more information on our project they can feel free to contact me.