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St. Paul’s Episcopal School

Dear Pro Track and Tennis,

I want to thank you and your company for a great job on the sales and installation of our new track surface at St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile, Al.  Dillon, as the sales person, stayed in constant touch and was most gracious to meet me in Kansas to look at some of your previous work.  Your installation crew was hard working and diligent in the entire process and not to mention in the scorching heat of our summer.  The striping on the track is exactly what we wanted and turned out perfect.

Our track looks great and feels like the best surface that we have had on it in over 20 years.  You also resurfaced the high jump area and the jumping and vaulting lanes and they are the best they have ever been.

My sincere thanks to your employees and your company for a job well done.  If you ever need to use our track as an example of your work to others, feel free to contact me.  Thank you again for a great job and working relationship.