Triad Community Unit School District

Dear Mr. Laurent

I am pleased to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and commend you and your staff for the work you have performed over the past several years on the all weather running tracks and tennis courts at both Triad High School and Triad Middle School.

Your work has always been of top quality, performed in accordance with all specifications, within budget, and most importantly completed on schedule.

All of the projects you have completed for Triad have been extremely successful but this past summer’s resurface of the Triad High School gunning track was especially noteworthy. The summer schedule was extremely tight and we allowed you a very short window in which to work. When your team arrived your foreman did a pre job inspection that revealed that the condition of the track had deteriorated well beyond what you had inspected a few months earlier. The situation was quickly assessed and a recommendation to increase the scope of the work was made. Negotiating the cost of the change was done in a fair and open manner. The Pro Track and Tennis team expedited the delivery of the additional material and still completed the job on schedule.

The work performed has greatly increased the life of Triad High School’s running track and I am certain has reduced the lifetime maintenance cost as well.

Working with you over the years I have come to trust not only your ability to perform outstanding quality work but also your knowledge of all outdoor sport surfaces. I will continue to consult with you on all our track and tennis needs.